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Beware Amazon Users- Sc-Elegance Named Merchant is Running Phishing Campaign


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Running phishing campaigns is quite easy for hackers since the people started using e-commerce websites to do shopping online. Hackers are targeting users of well-known e-commerce websites such as ebay, Shopify, and Amazon. A new phishing campaign has been detected by the security researchers of “SOPHOS” which is targeting Amazon users. The crooks are selling used electronic goods at very low prices on Amazon which are in very good condition. When the customer clicks on the link to buy the goods, it redirects him to a phishing website and the “Sc-Elegance” named merchant can steal his money easily.

How This Phishing Trick Works?

“Sc-Elegance” named merchant is selling electric goods on Amazon at very low prices. When an Amazon user is adding these goods to the shopping cart and proceeding for payment, he is getting a pop-up message that “These Items are no longer available.” After some time, the merchant is sending an email to that Amazon user and saying it was a technical problem due to which you got that message. The items are still available and you can buy as much as you want.

The merchant is also sending a link to make the payment which is a link to “Phishing Website”. These phishing websites are well designed by the crooks and it looks like the legitimate Amazon payment portal. A normal Amazon user can’t identify this phishing website. The crooks are stealing the money of victims and not contacting them back.

Some Security Tips

  • Don’t fall for such type of fake and catchy “Discount Offers” without confirming about it from customer support.

  • Before making payment, check the domain name. The scammers can use same looking domains. For example,

  • Always make purchases from official mobile app and website.

  • Never click on those payment portal links, which you are getting in emails. The scammers are so smart, they can manipulate a normal user very easily. Always go to official website.

  • If possible, always choose “Cash on Delivery” payment method.

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