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58 Million Personal Accounts Leaked By US Based Data Management Firm!


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MBS (Modern Business Solution) is data management firm located in Austin, Unites States. MBS is the company, which trades personal information of people with real estate and automotive industry of United States. A data breach related to MSB’s MongoDB database has been detected by security firm “Risk Based Security” and “”. According to Risk Based Security, more than 58 million accounts belongs to Modern Business Solution are available at dark web.

Who did it?

RSB (Risk Based Security) published an online report to tell that a large MongoDB file has been published by a user on twitter. Tens of millions personal accounts related to Modern Business Solution were available in that file. This file was published by “@0x2Taylor” named twitter user. He also shared it on a file sharing website MEGA. He published the list two times and both times it was removed.

“Leaked accounts of MSB contains User Names, Email Addresses, Residential Address, Contact Numbers, D.o.B Details, IP Addresses Details, Occupation Details and Vehicle Details of its customers.”

According to RSB, First of all, an acquaintance came to know about the security loopholes of MSB’s MongoDB database. After that, he shared the IP address of vulnerable database with his other fellows to steal the information. The stolen database was uploaded by the hackers on files sharing website. Later, it was deleted by Modern Business Solution’s security team. RSB noticed that the database had been downloaded by a number of people already.

Response of Modern Business Solutions (MBS)

Modern Business Solutions is not telling anything about this data breach yet. But customers of MSB are posting on their social profiles that their information has been stolen by the hackers. Information of 58, 843, 488 MSB accounts is available in

Risks For Victims

  • Hackers could send convincing phishing emails to victims. It could cause financial scams.
  • Hackers could also expose the information on other social media websites as well.
  • Cyber Criminals could also attempt ID theft scams. By doing this, they could access other sensitive accounts of victims.
  • Hackers could try stolen credentials on other data management websites, social media websites and financial websites. Those victims which are using same username and password for all accounts are in trouble.


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