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5 Key Elements of Organizational Data Security Policy


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It seems like, data breach is a very easy task for hackers.  Data Breaches of organization is in wild. Not only IT companies, hackers are targeting government organizations and other private organizations as well. If we talk about year 2016, there is a long list of data breaches and these cyber-attacks effected the organizations very badly. Even biggest companies are doing little mistakes, which allows hackers to steal sensitive data.

Some Data Breaches, Which Happened in 2016 So Far!

Information Security Administrations of all IT companies and organizations are using advanced software systems, latest technologies and experience of information security experts. It is not enough, there is need of spending a lot of money and time to make meaningful strategies to protect data of an organization.  These strategies might be helpful for the companies to improve their brand name as well as customer service. Here are some tips for data administrations, which could be helpful for them to design an ensured data security:


Give Data Access to Employees, as Per Their Needs

Management of Data Access within an organization is a must. Make sure, which data is required for an employee and which is not. For example, a network administrator have no need of employee’s balance sheets. He only need the access of network system of the company. Data Administrators can divide the access of data in different categories. It will also reduce the complexity of database. The amount of data access should be limited for all the employees. In case, any employee breaches the company policies he will not be able to harm the whole database.


Always Use Strong and Complex Passwords

Never use a simple password for your accounts such as phrases, dictionary words and your names etc. Hackers could easily crack these type of passwords. Always use a strong and complex password. Password should be of at least 12 characters. Use special characters, numbers, upper case letters and lower case letters.

Don’t mix your personal account’s password with official accounts and never set same passwords for all accounts. If anyone knows password of one of your profile, he can try the same password on other accounts as well.


Identify Your Most Important Data

Information Security Administrations should be familiar with most important data of a company. If database of a company is under threat, Information Security Administrations should know which data is more important and what have to do to protect that data. In an organization’s database, there might be a lot of data. But only 10-15% data will be the most important data. If this data goes into wrong hands, company can face a huge trouble. Information Security team, may design separate advance policies to protect this data from crooks.


Develop Data Security Policies

Information Security Administrations should design security policies in advance. These policies will the help company to protect during hacks. All the employees should be aware about it and they must know how to handle critical situations. Company may organize special training programs for its employees to make them aware about cyber threats. All least, all the employees should be familiar with basic security techniques to detect the malicious and suspicious activities of their computer systems. The access for all the employees should be limited. Company should design a strong data security policy for its employees that nobody can even dare to harm database.


Time To Time Data Backup

Data Backup is a must for every small and big organization. After major hacks, companies may lost its important data forever. The only method to recover this data is data backup. Companies may do it both manually and automatically. Get prepared for the future. Take a backup of database on daily basis and weekly basis.

The biggest question is, where you will store the backup? Backup should be store on a place, which is secured from cyber crooks. Companies may use strong and secure data management systems.



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