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4500 Websites Which Were Selling Fake Products, Seized By Europol


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Many genuine companies are selling their products on the internet. Nowadays, the internet is an essential channel for E-commerce. It is very easy to reach millions or billions of people within the minutes. A person can order a thing from thousands of miles away. Every coin has two sides. Crooks are also using this platform to sell counterfeit products by using fake brand names. The Internet is also providing anonymity to such type of people and they are earning a lot of money by selling fake products.

What is the Matter?

Yesterday, 4500 website domains have been seized by Europol which was doing trading of counterfeit products. It was a joint operation of police and law enforcement agencies of Europe and the United States. Owners of these websites were selling fake and low-quality products through social media networks from a long time. The only problem with them was, they were using brand names of genuine companies to manipulate the customers. Europe’s police agency has done this to stop all the scam websites.

How Crooks Were Manipulating People?

Europol said that the counterfeiters are very smart and they are using various type of tactics to sell their products. They were keeping an eye on genuine companies to sell fake products according to their online discount offers. Crooks were selling same looking products at low cost on their websites and customers were buying these products to save their money. Buy they really don’t know that these products can pose serious risks to their safety, privacy, and health. The seized website domains belong to 27 countries of Europe. Some domains belong to the United States and Canada too. They also joined this crackdown operation of Europol to shut down these 4500 scam websites.

About Counterfeit Products

Europol didn’t disclose the time, which they took to crackdown all these websites but they said that counterfeiters were selling products of almost every category. They were selling spare parts of the automobile industry, luxury goods, products related to the sports industry, electronic goods, computer accessories, products of daily and eatables like mass gainer. Europol also said that it was a joint operation with US ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement and Homeland Security. The number of seized domains is relatively more as compared to last year.

Any Action Against Counterfeiters?

More than 12 people have been arrested by Dutch anti-fraud police from Netherlands which were selling products on social media websites like Instagram and Facebook. In Holland, 3500 items have been seized by police including shoes, bags, and cosmetics. The market value of these items was more than 10,000 Euros. These items were purporting to be genuine products of Nike, Kenzo, Zara and Adidas. Officers of Dutch FIOD (Dutch Fiscal Information and Investigation Service) are still doing the investigation to arrest the remaining owners of seized domains.

Some Security Tips

In this season of holidays, people often shop too much. 70 percent people prefer to buy things from online stores. Hackers and counterfeiters are taking advantage of it. Keeping payment card details secure from cyber crooks is your responsibility. Don’t go for cheap price offers. It could be fake also. Always buy things from legitimate websites and make yourself aware of cyber possible cyber threats. Here are some more articles, which could help you understand the risks of online shopping and security tips to prevent yourself from hackers:

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