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2 Teenagers of Lizard Squad Hacking Group, Arrested By US Authorities!


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Lizard Squad is a group of black hat hackers. A number of Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks, had been performed by Lizard Squad till the day. This hacking group is famous for their DDoS attacks on gaming networks. Two teenaged members of Lizard Squad hacking grouphave been arrested by US law enforcement from Netherlands. One of them is Zachary Buchta, a 19 years old teen from Fallston Maryland and second one is 19 years old Bradley Jan Willem van Rooy, a resident of Leiden (Netherlands). It was a joint operation of United States and Netherland’s law enforcement agencies. Both the arrested hackers are also belong to another hacking group “PoodleCorp”.

DDoS Attacks Performed By Lizard Squad

Lizard Squad had claimed for a number of gaming industry DDoS Attacks. They had managed to shut down the servers of biggest gaming companies several times. Here are some DDoS attacks, which had been performed by Lizard Squad:

  • DDoS Attack on League of Legends (August 2014)
  • DDoS Attack on PlayStation Gaming Network (August 2014)
  • DDoS Attack on Destiny (November 2014)
  • DDoS Attack on Xbox Live (December 2014)
  • DDoS Attack on Internet of North Korea (December 2014)

Moreover, in January 2015 they also hacked the official website of Malaysia Airlines.

Charges Against These Hackers

Both of arrested hackers are charged with conspiringbecause they had damage the protected computers in an illegal way. Law enforcement of US have arrested them after a long investigation. A number of complaints were filed by organizations and people against Lizard Squad and PoordleCorp hacking group, in District court of Chicago. According to the announcement of court, both thre hackers are included in illegal black hat activities, they have damaged several computer systems to perform major cyber-attacks. Security agencies are also looking for other members of these hacking group. Both of these hackers were also selling stolen payment card dataon black markets. US law enforcement managed to trace these hackers from their black market activities. US authorities have also seized all the domain names related to Lizard Squad and PoodleCorp hacking groups.

List of Seized Domains


Some More Information About Buchta and Van Rooy

These hackers are master in their black hat activities. According to reports of US Department, “They were offering a platform for rent on black market, which is capable to launch Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attack on the servers of big companies. They have named it LizardStresser DDoS service”. Buchta and Rooy were using various online alias names for their social media profiles. Buchta was using “@fbiareloosers”, “lizard” “xotehpoodle and “pein”. Rooy was also active on his social media profile and he was using monikers such as “dragon”, “fox” and “uchiha”.

"Now Buchta and Van Rooy are not able to perform DDoS attacks, because both are sentenced to 10 years in prison by US court."

Two other group members of Lizard Squad and PoodleCorp, are charged with the same cases. These unidentified hackers are using “AppleJ4ck” and “chippyshell” named social profiles. 6 other suspected have been arrested by Law Enforcement of United Kingdom. They were using LizardStresser DDoS service of this hacking group.

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