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Shameful! Digital Privacy group says Facebook is sharing user’s information!

In a statement Digital privacy group Fight for the Future said that, ”Facebook is quietly sharing user’s information with government under CISA (Cyber Information Sharing Act)”. But they are pretending to show, they are not supporting CISA.


Behind closed doors, Facebook activists are welcoming CISA, even though Facebook is praising the opposing the bill after CCIA (Computer and Communications Industry Association). Facebook belongs to the Computer and Communications Industry Association (CCIA), which is a trade association that opposes CISA. CISA gives legal immunity to companies like Facebook for breaking privacy laws and share information with the government. All the user’s think that it could be for the security, but the truth is that companies would be encouraged to share information beyond cyber threat data. All the information could be used for prosecuting all kinds of activities.

For its external use of user data and involving new policies in privacy-invasive experiments in the past, Facebook has come under public fire. Facebook’s chief Senate lobbyist, Myriah Jordan, worked as General Counsel for CISA's sponsor so they have also supported previous versions of the cybersecurity info-sharing bills. Although, facebook has declined to take a public position on CISA, but few days ago sources have confirmed that in reality Facebook is quietly lobbying the Senate to pass it. There is a campaign launched by Fight for the Future, in which they are demanding from Facebook to take a public position.

All the public, security experts, and even the tech industries are opposing CISA. Because under this act all the privacy of the user’s will be in the database of the government. Now, it seems we have part of the answer. Facebook's quiet lobbying could be the reason in future, when Facebook will go down as the most hated tech company in history. Facebook need to take a stand against CISA, if they want to recover their integrity on user privacy.

So, that is the reason why Edward Snowden tweeted, calling facebook ‘Shameful’.

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