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Course Overview

  • What are course description?

    Course Description: Malware Analysis is a crucial branch of information security and CMA training is a highly in-depth course with the complete study of the techniques and different tools used for analysis of Malware. CDI-CMA (Certified Malware Analyst) training has helped lots of security engineers, forensic investigators, IT administrators for acquiring the practical skills for complete Malware analysis and examining the Windows for any kind of malware infections. As it is very essential to go into depth of each and every topic of the malware analysis techniques and for an organization understanding the capabilities of malware is critical for deriving threat intelligence and fortify defenses respond to information security incidents. For reverse-engineering this course builds a strong foundation malicious software using a variety of system. The CDI-CMA course begins with the fundamental basics of malware analysis. Learning for setting up inexpensive and flexible labs for examinations of malware. Working of malicious softwares, and how to work on the lab you have set up for uncovering characteristics of malware samples. Detailed examining of the pattern codes, the study of assembly language and reverse engineering concepts, different flows in malicious codes. Trecebacking the common malware characteristics by looking into the suspicious Window API patterns that are employed by the keyloggers, downloaders, rootkits, bots and all other types of malware. The detailed topic covered is the handling of self-defensive malwares, anti-analysis methods, the approach to analyze deobfuscating Javascript, malicious browser scripts, VBScript in detail so as to understand what is the nature and root cause of the attacks is. Then analyzing the malicious documents will be taught. This course will explore completely the memory forensic approach. The course then continues with the series of tests and project provided to you for a better practical understanding of the concepts.  

  • What will you learn?

    The in-depth concept of Malware analysis. Setting up a laboratory for code and pattern analysis of malwares. System Monitoring Tool would be used for examining that how does malware infect the files, network, programs, and other processes. Malicious VBScript & JavaScript components of web pages would be analyzed for malicious content and how to remove these malwares will be learned. Network traffic interception & code patching will be taught in detail. How to use debugger and dis-assembler for examining the working of malicious files will be taught. What are threats associated with the malicious documents like PDF, Microsoft Office etc. would be covered.

  • What skills will you gain?

    After completing CDI-CMA course you will gain the knowledge to analyze the malware from basic to the advanced level. With the help of concepts like assembly language and reverse engineering, you can tear up the malware to its roots to analyze its basic functioning so that you can find the solution to it or to build up your own malware. For the detailed analysis of malware, and what techniques does the malware is using you will gain the knowledge of some advance methodologies like static and dynamic analysis.

  • What types of projects will be given to trainee during the CMA course?

    There are no projects to be completed in this course instead we have small assignments which are compulsory for every trainee to complete. These assignments consist of practice modules which will help you in nourishing your skills for both self-development regarding the topic and for your future corporate life. The practice module will conclude each topic in depth which we have covered during the training sessions.

  • What are the basic knowledge requirements for this certification?

    There are no specific criteria for knowledge for the Certified Malware analysis training certification however if the candidate has basic knowledge of networking, its protocols, web browsing, interface, internet it will be beneficial for them.

Tools Covered

Network security Tools
Password Cracking Tools
Penetration testing Tools
Sniffing Tools
SQL Injection Tools
Web application security Tools


      • Understanding Malware
      • Basic Functioning of Malware
      • In-depth study of Self-Defending Malware
      • Static analysis
      • Malicious Code & Pattern analysis
      • Embedded String analysis
      • Finding strings
      • Packer Analysis
      • Packer Analysis Tools
      • Static Analysis Tools
      • Windows Portable Executable (PE) Header
      • Portable Executable (PE) Header analysis
      • Dynamic analysis
      • Memory Forensics
      • Windows Registry Analysis
      • Operating system Analysis
      • Persistence techniques
      • Maneuvering techniques
      • Malware Behavioural Analysis
      • Dynamic analysis tools
      • Sandboxes and their configuration
      • Cuckoo Configuration
      • Assembly language
      • Reverse Engineering
      • Defending techniques against
      • malware
      • Yara tools
      • Yara Signature Writing
      • Yara - Snort Integration
      • Incidence Response ( DoS & DDoS)

    Exam & certification

    • For how much time my certificate will be valid?

      Your certificate will be valid for 3 years after that you can renew your certificate by passing the certificate renewal exams.

    • If I fail the exam then after how much time can I re-attempt the CMA exam?

      You can reattempt your exam in 2 weeks of the date of the last exam is conducted.

    • Is the Examination fees are included in the CMA training fees?

      Yes, examination fees are included in the CMA training and certification fees.

    • What is the passing criteria of the CMA exam?

      The passing marks criteria for the CMA examination is 70%. This criteria is strictly followed by the CDI.

    • What would be the format of the question paper for CMA examination?

      It will cover about 150-300 questions which would be MCQs and 3-6 subjective questions.

    Course advisor

    CDI Team

    Cyber Defence and intelligence ( CDI ) is an emerging Information security company with an aim to provide information security solutions to clients with wide array of platforms: Networks,web applications , servers and databases.


    • How can I learn more about this training program?

      Contact us using the contact number or just drop a mail regarding the question or information you require. For Contact details you can visit the contact us page on our website.

    • What If I miss a session?

      It is highly recommended to not to miss any session in the training. But in case if you miss any session due to genuine problem we will provide you extra lectures for that particular session.

    • How to become a CDI - CMA Expert?

      In order to become a Certified Malware Analyst Expert, follow these steps: Register yourself for the Cyber defence Intelligence (CDI’s) - CMA training. Complete the training program (online or offline) Practice your techniques on your system Be creative and innovative. Think outside the box for the solutions and new methods. Take the certification exam online or offline After successfully completing the training and passing the exam you will now be recognized as the Certified Malware Analyst Expert.

    • What is the fee structure of the certification?

      For fee structure details please visit our Headquarters in Mohali

    • Is the exam fee included in the course fee?

      Yes, the CWSE exam fee is included in the course fee.

    • What tools do I need to attend the training sessions?

      The tools which are necessary to attend CMA training at CDI are A laptop with 4GB ram or above Operating system usually use is Windows(Windows 7 or above recommended) or Mac OS (MAC os 10.6 or above recommended) Internet speed is preferred to be higher than 512kbps So online training you prefer headphone or earphone with the microphone built in it so that you can hear instructions and training session

    • I am not able to access the online course. Who can help me?

      You can contact us via calls or just drop a mail regarding the issue.

    • How much does CMA Training cost?

      The prices are dynamic and it changes frequently. For current price please contact us or visit the headquarters. For contact details visit us on the Contact us page.

    • How much time will I have to complete the CMA exam?

      The exam duration is for two hours.

    • Am I required to sign an agreement prior to the exam?

      Yes, CDI has developed a number of policies to support the goals of the CDI certification program and its Integrity.

    • What certification will I receive after completing the CMA course?

      As the CMA course training completes and you successfully pass the certification test, you will be awarded the course completion certificate of Certified Malware Analyst from CYBER DEFENCE INTELLIGENCE.

    • What certifications do I avail after CMA?

      The certification you can avail after the CWSE are : CISE - Certified Information Security Expert training CMA - Certified Malware Analyst training CWAP -Certified Web Application Pentester CFA - Certified Forensics Analyst CSWD - Certified Secure Web Developer All of these training are available at CDI. You can choose as per your requirement.

    • Is CDI have any links with EC-Council?

      No, Cyber Defence Intelligence-CDI has no links with EC-Council.

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