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Course Overview

  • What are course description?

    In the field of computer science, hacking is explained as gaining unauthorized access of data in a system computer by exploiting the weak and soft areas of the security on that system. We here at Cyber Defence Intelligence provides you with the training of Ethical Hacking which is different than the usual hacking mentioned above. Ethical hacking is the art of identifying and securing potential threats to digital assets like websites, server, networks, operating system and more of an organization. An ethical hacker is an expert, who is employed by an IT firm or an organization to penetrate into the security in order to locate vulnerabilities and to resolve them and make the organization digitally impenetrable. At CDI, In Certified Ethical Hacking Course in order to develop these skills, we will train you the advanced techniques which are used by both black and white hats so that you can better understand methodologies and provide better security and defend severe data breaches. You will learn various aspects of Ethical Hacking like network security, web security, OS and Database Security moreover we will train you some extra skills which would be helpful in enhancing your abilities as an Ethical Hacker such as Forensics, Compliance and many more. 

  • Who should take the Ethical Hacking Course?

    The Certified Ethical Hacking Training is best suitable for candidates like Network security officers and practitioners Site administrators IS/IT specialist, analyst or manager IS/IT auditor or consultant IT operations manager Technical support engineer Senior systems engineer Systems analyst or administrator Students of computer science engineering B.E. Students BCA students.

  • What types of projects will be given to trainee during the ethical hacking course?

    There are 2 projects to be completed in this course along we have small assignments which are compulsory for every trainee to complete. These assignments consist of practice modules which will help you in nourishing your skills for both self-development and for your future corporate life. The practice module will conclude each topic which we have covered during the training sessions.

  • Why is the CEH certification so desirable?

    The Ethical Hacking Certification is the gateway to the large number of career advancement opportunities like computer network defense (CND) analyst, CND infrastructure support, CND incident responder, CND auditor, intrusion analyst, security manager, forensic analyst, and other related high-profile roles.

  • What skills will you learn in this Ethical Hacking course?

    CDI’s Ethical Hacking Course will elevate your knowledge of network, network architecture, web, web application architecture, OS and database security, computer forensic, the architecture of the operating system and helps you prevent in preventing and identify the threats and vulnerabilities. This course will help you: To learn the methodology and tactics used by the hacker to Penetrate in Google system to understand the notorious Malware which enters your system for degrading security and stealing files. understand The concepts like IDS, firewalls, honeypots, wireless hacking WAPS and many more. Learning advance hacking concepts. Be an expert in network packet analysis securing IAS Apache web servers Windows administration system and hacking with SQL injection and XSS attacks Learn Log management for security assurance.

Tools Covered

Network security Tools
Password Cracking Tools
Penetration testing Tools
Sniffing Tools
SQL Injection Tools
Web application security Tools


      • Basics of Linux
      • Linux architecture
      • File directory architecture
      • Basic commands of Linux
      • Installation of Linux
      • Introduction to file password and shadow
      • Hacking networks
      • VAPT
      • Information gathering tools
      • Secure network design
      • OS and Database security
      • LINUX server hardening
      • Hacking networks
      • VAPT
      • Information gathering tools
      • Secure network design
      • OS and Database security
      • LINUX server hardening
      • Windows server hardening
      • Database security
      • Hijacking windows with using RAT and Trojan
      • Web Application Security
      • Burp suit tool
      • SQL injection
      • XSS Attack
      • The Defence mechanism of SQL Injection and XSS attack
      • Broken authentication and session hijacking
      • Security misconfiguration
      • Session Hijacking
      • Malicious file inclusion

    Exam & certification

    • Is the Examination fees are included in the CEH training fees?

      Yes, examination fees included in the CEH training and certification fees.

    • For how much time my certificate will be valid?

      Your certificate will be valid for 3 years after that you can renew your certificate by passing the certificate renewal exams.

    • What is the passing criteria of the CEH exam?

      The passing marks criteria for the CEH examination is 70%. This criterion is strictly followed by the CDI.

    • What would be the format of the question paper for CEH examination?

      It will cover about 150-300 questions which would be MCQs and 3-6 subjective questions.

    • If I fail the exam then after how much time I can reattempt the CEH exam?

      You can reattempt your exam in 2 weeks of the date of the last exam is conducted.

    Course advisor

    CDI Team

    Cyber Defence and intelligence (CDI) is an emerging Information security company with an aim to provide information security solutions to clients with wide array of platforms: Networks, web applications, servers and databases.

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