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Network of NASA has been hacked by Hackers of AnonSec Group!

AnonSec is a group of hackers, which was trying to hack NASA from many months. Finally they hacked into network of NASA. AnonSec released 250 GB data online. This data has been dump by the hackers of AnonSec from the systems of NASA. Flight logs, Personal info of NASA employees and video data of NASA aircrafts is included in this 250 GB data.

Apart from it, AnonSec also hijack a Global Hawk Drone. The price of this Drone is near about $221 million. Hackers of AnonSec were trying to bring down this Drone into Pacific Ocean.

There were extensive technical vulnerabilities in the network of NASA. Hackers of AnonSec group were capable to breach these vulnerabilities. The 250GB data released by AnonSec contains email addresses, names and contact numbers of 2400 NASA employees. The flight logs of 2200 flights and 600 videos of NASA aircrafts and radar are also available in this data.

AnonSec group took help from some other hackers to gain the access of systems of agency. AnonSec also gave them huge amount for doing this. AnonSec finally gained the access of a system. This system was using Debian's fully patched version. The hackers of AnonSec used this system for lateral activities. The security of some network systems of NASA was very poor. This weak security was an advantage for the hackers. Due to this weakness, Hackers found that systems in NASA's network, which were using Username and password “root”. Hackers breached the systems of NASA's Dryden Flight Research Center, Glenn Research Center and Goddard Space Flight Centre. The configuration of hacked systems was very poor. From these hacked systems hackers of AnonSec designed a map of NASA network and they used this map for further activities.

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AnonSec posted on Pastebin,” Our main purpose behind this hack was to bring awareness about the reality of Cloudseeding/chemtrails/Geoengineering. There are many missions organised by NASA, which are related to study of Aerosols and the effect of Aerosols on environment and weather. Thats why we tareget their systems.” The hackers of AnonSec said that agencies of United State are spreading and distributing heavy metals and chemicals in environment. Agencies of US are saying that it is necessary for the control of weather and to reduce global warming, but they are not telling that these metals and chemicals are very dangerous for human health.

In year 2014, this AnonSec group of hackers was also in news. AnonSec hacked a Drone of NSA in 2014. After that the hackers of AnonSec hacked many commerce websites of Israel, Indonesia and Turkey. All these hacks were related to political parties of these countries.

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