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Pakistani Citizen Hacked PBX Systems! Admits money laundering of $19 mn!

Muhammad Sohail Qasmani is a citizen of Pakistan and he is charged by FBI for money laundering of $19 Mn. He had done this by hacking PBX (Private Branch Exchange) under a telecommunication fraud scheme. He is 47 years old. This man was a team member of some hackers which were targeting US companies by hacking their PBX systems. This hacking group was targeting firms of United States from both Pakistan and Bangkok.  Another person was running this operation from Karachi and his name is Noor Aziz. He is also a member of this hacking group. Hackers were using live phone extensions in this operation, these extensions were not assigned to anyone by the telecom department.

Hackers used these extensions to trick the people by making high premium rate phone calls. The total amount of money laundering was 50 mn dollars. 19 mn dollars are the share of Muhammed and he had transferred this money to different 600 bank accounts in four years. Security experts and Fraud investigators ask that this scam was very planned by the hackers. These 600 bank accounts were present in different countries. Muhammed was using these accounts to collect the money which was coming from fake telephone lines. Muhammed was just keeping his commission, all the rest of amount was the share of other hackers.

Muhammed is in the custody of FBI from December 2014. Now he have admitted all this. There are chances he could receive the jail of 20 Years. Noor Aziz was the head of this operation and he is in the top of FBI’s wanted list.

Source: securityaffairs

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