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Our Web Application Pentest ( WAP) attempts to address the Owasp top 10 & SANS top 20 web application vulnerabilities and other exploitable loopholes of your web application . Along with it our WAP team also test web applications for Business logic flaws that can directly or indirectly effect the functioning of application.


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Encrytion of iPhone is ultimate, It is impossible to access data on seized  iPhones.“US Judge” heard from Apple that it is not possible to unlock locked iPhones which are using newer versions of iOS.


When US law enforcement asks Apple to unlock a locked iPhone , they came to know from Apple that it is not possible technically. In actual, they had the need to unlock seized iPhone for some investigation. Apple provide a negative response to Law enforcement , when they were forcing Apple to provide access of a seized iPhone in order to extract data from it, which was demanded by the investigators.

Apple clears that this operation is impossible in iPhones, which are using newer iOS. In the older versions of iOS it is possible in little amount. But the thing is that 90% iPhones are using latest iOS that make impossible the operation.

“Among the security features in iOS 8,there is a feature that prevents anyone without the device’s passcode from accessing the device’s encrypted data. Apple said that it would be difficult in future to fulfil the request orders of Law Enforcement. The company would not have the technical ability to do the operation like “Extract unecrypted user data from the device running iOS 8 and higher.”

A year ago ,a security researcher named “Jonathan Zdziarski” wrote a blog in which he declared how government  could access the Apple devices. The expert has designed many of the methods to access data from iOS mobile devices.  Once in HOPE X conference, Mr. Zdziarski tells about his discoveries. He told about mobile.file_relay ( service which exists in iOS. This service can be accessed remotely to bypass the backup encryption. By exploiting this service attacker can dump all the encrypted data of the user via the data protection including email, location, social media accounts.

According to a document leaked by Edward Snowden, there is a spyware under name of DROPOUTJEEP.This spyware has been developed by ANT (Advanced or Access Network Technology).ANT is the division of NSA and they use this spyware to gain backdoor access on iOS devices. But the CEO “Tim Cook” explain that they respect and protect the data of their users. And they are not supporting any of the US surveillance program.


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