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$13 Million has been Stolen by Hackers from ATM’s of JAPAN! 



Yes, you are reading right. More than 1.4 Billion Japanese Yen has been stolen by a group of hackers, which is equal to approximately $13 Million. According to Criminal Activity’s National Police Agency of JAPAN, they have not get a single clue about the hackers behind this theft. A spokesperson of JAPAN’s Nation Police Agency said, from the starting of year 2015 the ratio of cybercrime in Japan has been increased more than 40 percent. As we know, cybercrime has no boundaries and limits. This theft is another example of this fact. All this incident has happened in just three hours. Japan is a home of underground hacker communities.  Police of Japan is investigating this case. According to security experts, this theft belongs to a local hacker community of Japan.


More than 1300 ATM machines of Japanese Convenience stores were on the target of hackers and they successfully steal money from all of that. This was a game of just 3 or 4 hours. It was started from an ATM of Tokyo, after that ATM machines of whole JAPAN were under the control of hackers. The total amount which has been stolen by hackers is 1.4 Billion Japanese Yen. According to Police, the daily limit of cash withdrawn in Japanese ATMs is 1, 00,000 Yen. So it is not clear yet how they manage to steal this huge amount.


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According to a report of Japan’s Local Law Enforcement Organization, hackers already have the credit card and Debit card details of a bank of South Africa. By using these details, hackers managed to steal $13 Million. This group of hackers was very smart and they made clone ATM cards. After that they entered the stolen information of cards into these clone payment cards. Now South African Investigation Authorities and Japanese Investigation Authorities are commonly investigating this case. ICPO (International Criminal Police Organization) is helping the both countries to solve this case. Criminal Police of South Africa and Japan is analysing the footage of all ATM security cameras. Till the moment, not a single suspect has been arrested by Japanese Police.


This is the biggest robbery of the year so far. More than 15000 ATM transactions has been made by hackers. So it is not a task of 5 or 10 people. Investigating Authorities are saying that more than 150 hackers are included in this robbery. That’s why all it happened in just three hours. The investigation of this case is at very sensitive point. Because of the daily withdraw limit, the amount of highest transaction was 1, 00, 000 Yen. The Security Experts of ATM said that more than 1400 South African ATM cards have been used by Hackers for all these transactions. These are accurate figures, which they have reported after analysing ATM card logs.


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